Friday, July 16, 2010

Plague Ships #2

Once again, you may have seen the art, but here's the finished cover.

News and Upcoming Signings

Hello all. It's been a while. My nose has been very much to the grindstone of late, working on a variety of variety of projects, including the first Baltimore comic book miniseries with Mike Mignola and Ben Stenbeck. The first issue of BALTIMORE: THE PLAGUE SHIPS hits stores in early August from Dark Horse. Tim Lebbon and I are hard at work on the screenplay for THE SECRET JOURNEYS OF JACK LONDON: THE WILD, which has been optioned by Fox as a feature film, in a pre-emptive deal. We're currently also writing the second JACK LONDON novel, THE SEA WOLVES, and I'm under way with my new novel with Mike Mignola, which shall remain nameless for the moment...wait. Actually, for now, let's call it THE DROWNING CITY, as that's part of the title.

This month, Bantam published THE CHAMBER OF TEN, the new novel in the Hidden Cities series by Tim Lebbon and me. It's set in Venice and is full of dark magic and intrigue--a real thriller. Also this month my first novel, OF SAINTS AND SHADOWS, will be reissued with a new cover and a short intro by Charlaine Harris in the US, and published for the first time ever in the UK. I'm curious to see what the new generation of my very first novel, more than fifteen years later.

In September, my YA urban fantasy WHEN ROSE WAKES will hit stores. Then in October, a more horror focused cover goes on the reissue of SOULLESS.

A quick recommendation, too. Others have already commented on this, but check out my fellow Massachusetts author Jack Rogan's first novel, THE OCEAN DARK. Douglas Preston, James Rollins, and Jeffery Deaver have already said it's a hell of a thriller.

Finally, my upcoming appearances signings. I hope to see you there.

**Tim Lebbon and I will be signing at the Yellow Umbrella in Chatham, MA on Tuesday, August 10th, from 11-1pm.

**Tom Sniegoski, Nate Kenyon, and I will be signing at River Run Books in Portsmouth, NH at 7pm on Thursday, August 19th.

**Nate Kenyon and I will be among the local authors signing at the Haverhill, MA authors' signings even from 4-8:30 at the Haverhill Public Library on Thursday, August 26th. (Note that I may have to leave an hour or so early).

**I will be attending DragonCon from September 3-6.

**Paul G. Tremblay and I--and rumor has it Brian Keene as well--will be signing at Cornerstone Books in Salem, MA on Thursday, October 14th. Time TBA.

More news later!

New Octavian covers!

I'm not 100% certain if I posted the UK cover of ANGEL SOULS AND DEVIL HEARTS already, but I know I haven't posted these two. I absolutely love what they're doing with my covers over there, and am amused by how opposite they are from the new US covers...and yet both versions accurately reflection what's inside. That makes me smile.