Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My DragonCon schedule!

Friday, 4pm, Apocalyptic Author Super Panel --Location A601-A602 - Marriott
Sat., 10am, Turning Stellar Rejections into Sales--Location, Manila/Singapore/HK - Hyatt
Sat., 2:30pm, Growing Up Scared--Location Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Sat., 4pm, Comics as SF Literature--Location, Fairlie- Hyatt
Sat., 7pm, The Blood is the Life--Location Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Sun., 10am, Face of the Demon--Location Fairlie - Hyatt
Sun. 11:30, Dancing on the Head of a Pin--Location, Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Sun. 2:30 Developing Characters Readers Never Forget--Location, Manila, Singapore, HK--Hyatt
Sun. 5:30, Dragon Autographs--Location, M301-M304-- Marriott

See you there!

Did I Photograph a Ghost? You Decide!

Five years ago, my family and I were fortunate enough to take a cruise on the Mediterranean. One of the first stops was a small French Riviera town called Ville-Franche, where the streets are terraced, slashes into the hillside, so the whole thing looks like it's about to tumble down into the sea. The most interesting thing about Ville-Franche, to me, was a street called Rue Obscura (literally, Hidden Street), so-called because the buildings on either side form a long closed block, and more housing has been built ABOVE the street, connecting the sides, turning Rue Obscura into a long tunnel into which little light enters. Old-fashioned lanterns are bolted to the walls inside this hidden way, and small alleys allow entrance at intervals along it from either side.

I took a bunch of photographs simply because I was fascinated by Rue Obscura and its look, and knew that I would take enough inspiration from it to write about it at least once, possibly more, and I wanted pictures for reference.

One of the pictures turned out to be something more. Take a good look. If you see what I see, I can promise you it wasn't there when I snapped the picture.

I'll leave you with this. I don't believe in ghosts, but I WANT to. The first time I looked at this picture, I can closer than I ever have before. But I still haven't had an experience that is enough to convince me 100%.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Upcoming Signings! Come visit!

Next Tuesday, come join me and Tim Lebbon (in a rare stateside signing) as we sign and chat on sunny Cape Cod. 8/10/10 we'll be at Yellow Umbrella books on Main Street in Chatham, MA from 11am - 1pm. Come on down!!!

Then, the following Thursday, 8/19, the newly christened New York Times bestselling Tom Sniegoski (yay Tom!) and I will be signing both book and graphic novels at River Run Books in Portsmouth, NH, co-hosted by Jetpack Comics. You'll be able to pick up our new books, as well as the first issue of Baltimore: The Plague Ships and Tom's work on BONE: TALL TALES. That's from 7pm.

The next Thursday, 8/26, I'll be one of the local authors taking part in a Haverhill Local Authors Event at the Haverhill Public Library, beginning at 4pm. The event goes until 8:30, though I may not be able to stay past 7pm.

In September, you can catch up with me at DragonCon in Atlanta.

In October (15-17), I'll be attending Wizard World New England Comic Con/Buffy Fest, where I'll be promoting Baltimore: The Plague Ships, selling books, and taking part in all kinds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer related festivities.