Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My DragonCon schedule!

Friday, 4pm, Apocalyptic Author Super Panel --Location A601-A602 - Marriott
Sat., 10am, Turning Stellar Rejections into Sales--Location, Manila/Singapore/HK - Hyatt
Sat., 2:30pm, Growing Up Scared--Location Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Sat., 4pm, Comics as SF Literature--Location, Fairlie- Hyatt
Sat., 7pm, The Blood is the Life--Location Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Sun., 10am, Face of the Demon--Location Fairlie - Hyatt
Sun. 11:30, Dancing on the Head of a Pin--Location, Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Sun. 2:30 Developing Characters Readers Never Forget--Location, Manila, Singapore, HK--Hyatt
Sun. 5:30, Dragon Autographs--Location, M301-M304-- Marriott

See you there!


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