Saturday, October 18, 2008

To My Friends in California

It's inconceivable to me to think that anyone in the fair state of California would wish--now that they have made such a proud step into a future that is kinder and more just--to return to a darker era of prejudice and inequality.

The opponents of gay marriage want to make it about religion, but it is not about that. If there's one thing I learned in twelve years of Catholic school, it's that Christ was about inclusion, about opening your arms to people others would look down upon.

What IS marriage? It is a vow of love and a union of spirit. It is a legal bond that provides protections under the law where children, health, and crisis are concerned. It is the freedom to proclaim a commitment to one another that is deeper than mere intention, or words like "girlfriend," "boyfriend," and "partner" can communicate.

The people who are trying to pull the state back into an era of intolerance are fighting for the right to HATE. Those who need your support--who need you to VOTE NO ON 8--are fighting for the right to LOVE. Whose motives do you respect more?

California, VOTE NO ON H8TE.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i respect your opinion, and i think you have a point about not hating but loving, but im still against gay marriage. don't misunderstand me, im no homophobe and even have a bisexual friend, but i believe that marriage is sacred and, like everything else in this world, follows a set of rules. and personally, i dont get how someone can physically be one gender, and emotionaly another. it's just something i've never been able to accept. but i would never take away the rights of a gay person, but i just think marriage is too consencrated of a ritual to mess with.
and i do not hate homosexuals.

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Blogger Tim said...

The fact that you post this under 'anonymous' speaks volumes.

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Blogger Christopher Golden said...

"Anonymous"...there are a number of things I'd argue about in your post, but since this thread is about marriage, I'll restrict it to that. One of the fundamental tenets of the United States of America is the separation of church and state. Thus, MARRIAGE, as far as the government is concerned (and that *is* what we're talking about here) is NEITHER a ritual nor consecrated. It is NOT sacred. When you go to get your marriage license, it is a legal document. Does the wedding of Muslims or Jews "mess" with marriage? By your logic, it should, since their marriage is not following the same sacred, consecrated rituals as yours. I'm not drawing a religious comparison. My point is that, regardless of your beliefs, the only marriage recognized by the government is a LEGAL marriage. The government doesn't care what kind of ritual or ceremony accompanies your marriage, as long as it's legal. So your argument that marriage is too sacred etc. to allow gay people access to it is completely empty. They're not asking for the same religions that discriminate against them and preach intolerance to bless their marriages. They're simply asking for the same LEGAL rights as everyone else. Two entirely different things.

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