Monday, November 14, 2005

Book-us Interruptus, or, One From the Road

All right, so I'm lying. It's not being written from the road. I'm home for a couple of days before the west coast signings. Amber and I have had a great time at the signings thus far and the turnout has been excellent. Happy to say that most of the questions are actually about writing and/or publishing, and about GHOSTS OF ALBION. There are only so many Buffy questions any one person can answer. :)

Writing wise . . . not a whole lot getting done right about now. From World Fantasy Convention to the east signings and now out to the west coast . . . let's just say I'm REALLY looking forward to the winter so I can just write and hang out with my family. I love to get out and talk about the book, but I'm used to doing it in small doses, a signing here, a signing there, not traveling so much.

Must write.

Meanwhile, I'm also reading. At WFC I spent much of the weekend hanging out with Tim Lebbon, who's a good friend, and Mark Morris and Sarah Pinborough, two friends of his who I've bullied into becoming my friends as well. They adopted me for the weekend, and it was my great pleasure to spend far too much time in the bar and wandering the corridors with them. Both are excellent writers. Recently finished Sarah's THE RECKONING and thought it was really well done. Lovely character stuff in there.

Anyway, that's the story. Going to read Jim Moore's BLOOD RED next. Who knows what else? I can barely think. Not watching or listening to ANYTHING right now. Just trying to answer e-mail and sign the signature sheets for GHOSTS OF ALBION: INITIATION and the Shocklines copies of GHOSTS OF ALBION: ACCURSED . . . which may be hard to do if I'm not here.