Monday, August 13, 2007

The Writing Fiend Comes Up For Air

I've done enough talking about trying to blog more. Four months in between posts is pitiful, isn't it? Let's see if I can do better...

There's so much to talk about. Leave a comment or a question. I read 'em all.

Well, here we go. :) Lots of news, release dates, projects, other things creeping closer to reality. It's been a very busy time.



**On August 28th, Bantam Spectra will release the hardcover novel BALTIMORE, OR, THE STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER AND THE VAMPIRE, a collaboration between myself and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. In addition to co-writing the novel, Mignola has done the cover and 150 (yes, 150) interior illustrations for the book. I've said elsewhere that this is probably the coolest project I've ever been involved with. (see the end of this e-mail for reviews and blurbs, including a couple of new ones.) BALTIMORE has already sold to Germany and Italy and is a featured alternate selection of the Science Fiction Book Club.

**Diamond Distributors, the company that supplies comic book stores across the U.S. with their product, has offered a special edition of BALTIMORE with a different cover, a Mignola sketchbook section, and the original Hans Christian Andersen story that helped inspire the novel, complete with four or five additional illustrations by Mignola. This edition can only be ordered from comic book shops (including those who sell online).

**The fourth book of THE MENAGERIE will also be out at the end of August. Tom Sniegoski and I have been living with these characters in our heads for at least a decade now, probably more, and CRASHING PARADISE is both my favorite thus far in the series and an opportunity to share ideas and character stories we've been yearning to reveal for all of that time. This one includes the secret history of Creation itself, as well as revelations about Eve and Clay, a legion of ancient enemies of the Menagerie, a new member (who spends much of her time naked), and the battle for Eden. Look for an update soon at

**Pocket Books is, apparently, ending their Buffy the Vampire Slayer publishing program. At least that's the rumor. As such, I couldn't resist the temptation to share one final adventure with the old gang. DARK CONGRESS is set post season seven and features more than one story that I've had in my head for a while. In addition to the characters you'd expect to see--Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles--there are also appearances by several others I wanted to say goodbye to, Oz and Faith, for instance. The return that's had the most buzz, some of it very happy and some of it not so much, has been the resurrection of Tara. I guess I wasn't the only one who needed to say goodbye. Dark Congress hits in the next few weeks. Watch for it!

**"The Mournful Crow of Owls" is the title of a new short story I wrote for MANY BLOODY RETURNS, an anthology edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner. Other contributors include both Harris and Kelner, as well as Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong, Tanya Huff, and PN Elrod. I'm proud to be among them. The book is a blast, and hits stores September 4th.

**Haunted Pelican Press has been more than patient with me regarding the new anthology FIVE STROKES TO MIDNIGHT. The book was supposed to be out in July and I'm at least half the reason it's a little late. For me, the wait was worth it, as the three stories I wrote for the collection are, I believe, some of the best short work I've ever done. I hope you agree. The book includes thirteen stories by five authors--Gary A. Braunbeck, Deborah LeBlanc, Tom Piccirilli, Hank Schwaeble, and myself--an introduction by Tim Lebbon, and cover and interior illustrations by Hellraiser star Ashley Laurence.

**The first week in October brings the trade hardcover edition of Joe Hill's extraordinary short story collection 20th CENTURY GHOSTS. I wrote the introduction to the limited edition a couple of years back, before most people had heard of Joe, and I can't wait for the rest of the world to get their hands on this collection, which shows so many facets of a brilliantly talented writer. I'm pleased that Morrow has kept my introduction for the trade edition. If you weren't already planning to do so, you must check it out.

**At the end of January, Bantam will publish the mass market edition of THE BORDERKIND, the second volume in THE VEIL TRILOGY. A month later, they'll follow up with the first ever mass market editions of my first two novels for them, THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN and WILDWOOD ROAD. Apparently BOYS will sport a new cover, which I'm dying to see.

**THE VEIL concludes at the end of March with THE LOST ONES. After the first two ended on cliffhangers, the third act of Oliver Bascombe's story finally plays out. The Two Kingdoms are at war. Wait until you see the cover for this one. It's beautiful. Keep an eye on my site this fall for much more information, the cover, and more regarding THE LOST ONES.

**My first novel with Tim Lebbon, MIND THE GAP, will arrive from Bantam in May, 2008. Tim is one of the finest writers to appear in the fantasy and horror world in the past decade and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the result of our first collaboration. MIND THE GAP is an urban dark fantasy, a little bit of magic, a little bit a ghost story, and is the first book in a series of books we call THE HIDDEN CITIES, which are only thematically connected. We'll get under way with the second book, THE MAP OF MOMENTS, shortly, and already have several ideas for future volumes. MIND THE GAP is set in London and THE MAP OF MOMENTS in New Orleans.

**Earlier this year, I wrote a teen supernatural thriller called POISON INK. At the time of the writing, I hadn't seen or read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but recently saw the film with my kids. I've now taken to saying that POISON INK is sort of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with EVIL. Actually, the only similarity is that both involve a group of five girls of very different backgrounds and the way that a brush with magic changes their relationships with one another. In POISON INK, that brush is decidedly darker and more permanent than a funky pair of jeans. POISON INK hits in July, 2008 from Delacorte.

**And that brings us to now...At the moment, I'm writing another book aimed at teens--a darkly unpleasant story about spirits, life after death, priorities, and zombies called SOULLESS. MTV Books is the publisher, and my guess is that it'll hit around October, 2008. It's an insidious, gruesome bit of work that differs in several vital ways from most zombie stories. It's also an ensemble piece. But I'll save that conversation for another time, as this one's still brewing.

**Other things brewing include my short story collection and an anthology I've co-edited, but I'm not allowed to speak of such things yet, according to the publisher. One thing I can speak about is the incredibly beautiful limited edition hardcover edition of STRANGEWOOD, my favorite of all my novels. Earthing Publications will be putting it out at the very end of this year or the beginning of next as part of their Earthling Modern Classics series. Graham Joyce has done an introduction and Bentley Little and afteword, and the many illustrations by Richard Kirk are literally breathtaking.


**Universal Pictures recently renewed their option on, and continue to develop, the feature film version of OUTCAST, based on the young adult series of the same name I wrote with Tom Sniegoski. At the moment, there isn't anything else I can reveal.

**Universal also continues to develop TALENT, based on the comic book miniseries I wrote with Sniegoski. A writer has been tapped for the project and he's got some pretty amazing credentials, but since Universal hasn't announced his name, I can't either.

**A third project co-written with Sniegoski is in development at another studio. Though it's the one that seems closest to coming to fruition (we have a director and a script), once again I'm forbidden to discuss it until someone else does so first. (All the secrecy stuff is frustrating, isn't it? More so for me than for you, I guarantee.)

**GHOSTS OF ALBION has been optioned for film and television by Celtic Rose Entertainment, an L.A. production company.

**More news, and details, forthcoming....


**Seriously, does it SOUND like I've had any time to devote to comics lately? As much as I love the medium and want to do more, other things have taken up my time. However, there are a couple of small news items...

**Boom! Studios has released the trade paperback of TALENT, the aforementioned miniseries written by Sniegoski and me and illustrated by Paul Azaceta.

**Archaia Studios has just announced that they'll be publishing THE SISTERHOOD, another collaboration with Sniegoski. More on release dates for THE SISTERHOOD soon, along with covers and preview art.


Tuesday, September 4th, 2007--7pm....I'll be signing at the Barnes & Noble in Framingham, MA with writer Toni L.P. Kelner. This event serves a dual purpose, promoting both BALTIMORE, OR, THE STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER AND THE VAMPIRE (in stores 8/28) and the short story anthology MANY BLOODY RETURNS. Toni and I both wrote stories for MBR, but she also co-edited the book with Charlaine Harris.

Wednesday, September 19th, 7pm--Barnes & Noble in Kenmore Square, Boston (the Boston University Bookstore). Come spend some time in Beantown. Kenmore Square is easily accessible by T.

I'll have one or two others in October, and will send those on as soon as dates are confirmed. Also...

World Fantasy Convention--WFC is November 1-4 and this year is located in Saratoga Springs, NY. I'll be there all weekend. If you're in attendance, come up and say hello.


"Starred Review. Prolific dark fantasist Golden’s popular style is impeccable, and horror comics creator Mignola’s copious illustrations confirm the tale’s dark atmosphere throughout. A new classic of vampire literature." -- Booklist

"Mignola and Golden create a haunting allegory on the nature of war, fusing the poignancy of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Steadfast Tin Soldier," the supernatural chills of Dracula and the horrors of WWI and the subsequent influenza epidemic . . .Stark monochrome illustrations from Mignola enhance this dramatic tale of war and fear." -- Publishers Weekly

"The lush, labyrinthine BALTIMORE evokes the best from two of our most gifted artists. Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola have created a book that will be enjoyed and admired for decades to come." -- Peter Straub

"I have admired Mike Mignola both as an artist and as a tremendous story teller pretty much since his career began. In this collaboration with Christopher Golden it's fair to say he surpasses himself. He and Golden have produced a witty classic of supernatural fiction." -- Michael Moorcock

"Baltimore is an old time rootin' tootin' sense of wonder story dragged through a modern blender, then slow baked in hell. I loved it. It was velvet bullet -- speedy and rich in sensation. Go boys, go." -- Joe R. Lansdale

"With Baltimore, Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden lay siege to the reader's imagination with a grim battalion of gothic images and a thunderous barrage of narrative artillery. This is not a novel: it's a war machine. Surrender immediately." -- Joe Hill, author of Heart-Shaped Box

"(Golden's) collaboration with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has apparently brought out the darkest sides of both men as Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire is one of the most haunting, exciting, and bleakest tomes either creator has done to date. And I loved every minute of it. An alternate reality the likes of which I've never seen before."--Dread Central