Monday, September 16, 2013


Just wanted to let you know that the first book in the Sleepy Hollow High series will be free all day today and tomorrow (Sept 16 - 17) and to share some of my newly re-released books that you may have missed. FREE FOR EVERYONE Monday, September 16th through Tuesday, September 17th: (Spread the word!) HORSEMAN (SLEEPY HOLLOW HIGH #1) - New to Sleepy Hollow, teens Aimee and Shane Lancaster find that upon their arrival an ancient curse has been unleashed upon the town, tracing back to a legend that might just be more truth than myth. Now an array of evil demons is after them, with the infamous headless horseman leading the pack. FREE TO BORROW for Amazon Prime members: DROWNED (SLEEPY HOLLOW HIGH #2) - Having stopped the horseman in his tracks - at least for now - Aimee and Shane must face the other evils tormenting Sleepy Hollow. An enchanting oak tree, cackling cornfield imps, and the greatest threat: naiads - the beautiful and deadly sirens that have infested the Hudson River, drowning their victims on dry land. MISCHIEF (SLEEPY HOLLOW HIGH #3) - Life in The Hollow isn't getting any easier for Aimee and Shane Lancaster, or for their friends. Still facing the fallout of the curse the siblings unknowingly triggered by moving to town, the group of teens continue to confront new demons and creatures at every turn. But keeping the danger at bay becomes even more challenging when tensions erupt between friends and a secret love is finally confessed. Will the group be able to work together when it matters most? ENEMIES (SLEEPY HOLLOW HIGH #4) - Shane and Aimee Lancaster are faced with the darkest horror yet in the fourth installment of The Sleepy Hollow High series. An enemy they once fought could be their only hope, but how can they trust someone so dangerous? Meanwhile, Aimee reels from the discovery of a deep betrayal by the two people she loves the most, but she must rally with the very people who hurt her to save their lives—along with the lives of everyone else in Sleepy Hollow. SLEEPY HOLLOW HIGH FOUR-BOOK BUNDLE - Get all four Sleepy Hollow High books for only $7.99! And since the last Wicked Street Team newsletter, these books have been re-released. If you've always wanted to read one of these, now's your chance. If you've already read one of the books in this list, please take a minute to pop over to Amazon and leave a review to tell other readers what you thought of it. AUGUST - Shane Monroe is on the run from the only force more unpredictable than Mother Nature -- the U.S. government... Storm Warning - JULY - Zombies and werewolves, oh, my! Soulless - "A terrifying, nerve-wracking page-turner. Soulless isn't your father's zombie novel. Golden has given the undead their next major upgrade!" — Brian Keene, author of The Last Zombie Prowlers - Werewolves are the myth. Prowlers are the savage reality. JUNE - $1.99 novella Pyre - “Christopher Golden’s storytelling is spellbinding. His novels capture the charming mystique that permeates New England, to which he adds a shuddering dose of the occult.”--BOSTON Magazine MAY Straight on 'til Morning - "He brings into being a world of haunted and perilous fantasy," hails Peter Straub of Christopher Golden, and it's never been truer than in this unique novel of dark fiction about the strange summer of a young boy coming of age. MARCH - The last three Jenna Blake Body of Evidence thrillers and the sixth book in the Shadow Saga: The Graves of Saints - Throat Culture - Last Breath - Brain Trust - FEBRUARY - Three Jenna Blake Body of Evidence thrillers: Burning Bones - Skin Deep - Head Games - JANUARY - The last two books in The Menagerie Series: Crashing Paradise - Stones Unturned - MEET THE MENAGERIE They're as hodge-podge a mix of other-worldly beings as anyone can imagine. But a sorcerer, a scientist, a sixteen-year-old demon, and the others all have one thing in common: a hunger for justice -- no matter what the cost. They are beings of myth and legend. They possess powers beyond imagining. They are our only hope. COMING SOON: Three more Prowlers novels, the third Secret Journeys of Jack London novel, another Peter Octavian Shadow Saga novel, and much, much more! APPEARANCES: October 31 - November 3 - World Fantasy Convention, Brighton, England CONNECT WITH CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN ONLINE: Facebook Page: Twitter: Website: Until next time, keep reading!


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